3d Engine Solution
Sunday 21 Jul 2024
The Origin Story

There's something new bubbling in the grassroots of the programmer world. A little known 3d engine solution is causing huge tremor in the minds of anyone who looks at it. Not only does it not try to compete against the most popular 3d engines like unreal engine, unity, godot or even blender. Instead it creates a whole new class of 3d engines and runs alone in that class. The class is called "web4 based 3d model display".
What has really happened, is that some programmers had some extra time and they spent 10 whole years writing software in the 3d engine area. While their solution looks like ordinary 3d engine, it has one important thing different from whatever has been seen before: It does so with the newest technologies available to mankind. So what are these newest technologies? It just displays 3d models and makes them look nice on computer screen. And works in web,web2,web3 and web4. In short, it's better than expected.
While the first version of web was static pages, and 2nd version gave us dynamic web pages and funny logos describing each technology. The 3rd version is still coming and plans to make web all commercial with money in stake with their bitcoins, ethereums and nft's. The web4 is whole new ballgame. Web4 moves web pages from plain old 2d layout to flexible and more natural 3d graphics. Facebook/Meta started the trend with their metaverse announcement, but the technologies bubbling under the grass are quickly coming to light.
The Builder Tool
But 3d graphics is notoriously difficult to create and display. While there are some preliminary solutions available like modelviewer.dev or sketchfab, some significantly better solutions are needed if the plan is to convert every one of those 1.2 billion web sites on the planet from plain 2d format to 3d. And for this purpose, to make 3d creation as easy as writing a piece of html file, there's a new builder tool available. Simply by using your mouse, you can design how to display 3d model in your web page, and get a ready-made html pages that loads 3d engine and gets interactive 3d view visible to your screen.
To create a 3d model with builder tool, you simply select gltf_sketchfab_zip tool, give an url to the zip file and get some strange TF keyword as a result. This TF represents data structure that contains a whole gltf2.0 file. From TF there's ml_gltf_all tool available which brings us ML keyword, giving us object belonging to the 3d engine main loop. Then run_window gives the code that creates a window resulting in RUN keyword. html_run converts the window to html. And then finally, save_deploy gives us .zip file which contains the whole 3d engine and the needed files to display the 3d model in a nice zip file that you can deploy in your own web server.
But what should we do to get access to this level technology?