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How do bm_url and FI_load work?

You might notice that bm_url and FI_load are refusing to load some urls which are not around the user's homepage.

We have some technology included that checks against user's copyright infringements, before posting the content to This is implemented in the bm_url and FI_load features. Basically we use user's homepage as a center of user's world, and implement a domain restriction which limits usage of content inside animations. For example when it loads png image from some url, it checks whether the user's homepage was in the same domain.

The theory behind this check is that we should allow only content that user published himself, instead of all the content in the world, and thus domain where user's homepage is at, is good candidate for allowed content. This cannot provide absolute guarantee against copyright infringements, but it prevents certain kind of spread pattern where user picks urls from all around the world and uses them as content inside the animations. Since is publishing this content in the web page, we try to check problems in the content.

This domain restriction check is more cunning that you'd expect, since if you use several pieces of content in an animation, they need to all come from the same domain. I.e. you can't pick one url from one domain and next url from completely different place. Expectation is that animations contain more than one piece of content/sprites/bitmaps/fonts/etc.., and thus the domain restriction can pinpoint the location of the user's real homepage address.

Other features than bm_url and FI_load cannot use external content at all, so all content coming from other features are built competely using GameApi Builder tool. This ensures pretty much that the user created it himself, at least if copy-pasting CodeGen output code snippets are not counted.

Note that currently we do not have login system for end users implemented, so the domain check is per individual animation. Once login system gets improved, it would allow implementing the domain check for per-user homepage, instead of per-animation homepage. This would improve the system, but is not currently implemented.

What features have domain check like bm_url & FI_load

This means these can load asyncronously data from url's and that loading is handled via domain restriction.

Why builder can't load textures via p_mtl?

What technologies are you using to provide the features of the site?

In addition to these external stuff, we have internal development in the following modules:

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On my laptop I get the following benchmarks(this test: here(

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  • Application name: GameApi Builder
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